Burning Man 1998

The following pics are from my 1998 Burning Man Festival with Molly
while camped part time with the Artist's Republic or Fremont (Seattle, WA) and the

The desolation of the southern Oregon desert looking south.

Self explanatory.

The Man at dusk, probably Saturday evening.

Roadkill and Molly at The Man.

This is an art car that never made it to Burning Man.


At the Scape Goat.

A Scapegoat representative.


The towers at Daughters of Ishtar.

The Jet.

The truly amazing Electrobot in action.

The most awesome Tesla coil (seems more like a Van DeGraff generator)
that will do a lot more than roast hot dogs if you get too close!

Serious gawking at the Tesla coil demo.

The Rocket.

A 16' Rubix Cube.

Burning Man on Sunday evening.

Another perspective of The '98 Burn

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