Dumpster Diving Acquisitions

Dived bricks from a killer wood stove setup that I was offered if I just extracted everything, stove and all.

Dived Polar Fleece found in a rural Montana dumpster.
There are plenty of pieces large enough to patch together for sewing up some nice clothing.
Cutting up new Polar Fleece at $15 per yard seems nuts compared to this pile!

Me with the Polar Fleece for size perspective.
This is probably about 2/3 to 3/4 of what I got.

Dived double paned windows.

The outhouse my brother built with all dived materials.
A really funky old bridge over a ditch was ripped out with a big machine called an excavator
and he pawed through the heap to make this.

Another view of the dumpster dived outhouse.

Pallets and timbers from a local building supply store.

The bags that they wrap the lumber in for shipping make great tarps for covering materials for
storage. I plan to use them as vapor barriers in a dumpster dived cabin.

More dived lumber on the left.

We filled a 24' UHaul truck with dived construction materials and then ran out of time
to stack it nicely.

Another perpsective on the same load.

Dived insulated stove pipe. Each of these sections costs over $75 EACH new!
It was probably my best value of any dive I have done.
These were at the dumpster at a wood stove shop near Portland, Or.

A 16' flatbed with walls is a must for gathering an hauling dived materials.
A brother motivated about dumpster diving really helps too!

Hardware Guruka found in the trash can by her office.

Only some of the lumber Neil tore out of a house on it's way to the dumpster.

Roof trusses and lumber Neil and I intercepted on their way to the dumpster.

More Dumpster Dive Pics