WA7MLH Field Day 2001

Oregon Cascades

Looking SE out toward Three Sisters with Tumble Lake in the foreground.

Looking west toward Water Tower (?).

Looking north toward Mt. Hood.

Looking east toward Dome Rock.

My 40m CW superhet transceiver with batteries and solar panels.

A close up view of the rig.
IF 1980kHz
BW 1kHz
Dual gate MOSFET front end
IF derived AGC
PA Single ended IRF510 Po=9W max
W7OI design

45 contacts, 4 states. The chassis on the right is a 5 amp regulator so that
I can run the rig direct off the PV panels. The sky was overcast the whole time
for this field day so I was never able to make any "PV direct" contacts.

The weather getting cold late Saturday afternoon.

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