Gifford Lake Pics

Gifford Lake near Olallie Lake. This hike is an easy 30 minutes from the trailhead.
It lies essentially due south of Lower Lake.
There are good camp sites where the unofficial trail meets the lake at the southwest edge.
There are also really nice view camps on the very east side of the lake.
There is a peninsula on the sw edge that has a great camp site that is inappropriately
too close to the lake. Great lunch spot though.

Looking south to Double Peaks.

Guruka and deliberate debris at the Gifford trail junction off the the main trail.
Essentially no way to miss this turn off unless you are really not paying attention.

A view to the nw from the south rock pile of Gifford.
Finley Lake is just behind this view point maybe 150 feet or so.
Gifford drops off deep at the bottom of this rock pile.
I did catch small brook trout from shore at the bottom of this rock pile.

Mt Hood is very visible from this view point, yet the camera could not catch it.
Lower Gifford is just past the log jam on the right side of this shot.

The sw peninsula is in the upper left corner of this view.

Gifford Lake offers a lot of options to fly fish from shore.
Gifford contains Rainbow and Eastern Brook trout.
While fishing an evening and mid day, I kept two Rainbows of about 10 inches each.
I kept 3 brookies and released maybe 6 or 8 Brookies and lost at least a dozen.
The Rainbows were caught from shore near the NW peninsula.

Looking SE from the peninsula where the trial meets the lake.

Olallie Butte from Gifford looking SE.

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