Knapin 2001 Set 2

Some more of Ron's knive's.

Some knife handles carved by Robert Wurzer. Amazing talent!

Some more of Ron's knives. Yes, green ones left of center are solid rock "Danish Daggers"!

Ron's smaller knives.

Ron working on a biface.

Bob percussion flaking with copper.

Terry roughing out the edge for setting the platform to make clean breaks on percussion hits.

A bunch of Terry's and Wayne's bifaces.
Bifaces are reduced from raw rock so that when one wants to make a knife or tool,
there is no question as to whether the material is good or not. Small bubbles in the
glass or the odd microscopic imperfection can and do cause serious flaws later on in
working the material. The most common problem from internal defects is that the biface
will crack or flake unpredictabley and all too often will leave what are called
step fractures. Step fractures are stepped edges deep into the interior of the biface
on the surface that leave deep gouges in the surface. In essence, unacceptable defects
for strength and aesthetic agendas. However, many step factures can be covered with
buckskin or rawhide in the final implementation of the finsihed tool in order to cover
up the sight of the step fracture.

Percussion flaking with a soft river rock.

And example of the flake.

Knapin 2001 Set3 Pics