Knapin08 Set1

This year I did not get to the Knapin until dinner time Monday evening.
It was balmy enough by Knapin standards that I decided to sleep under the stars.
This was a first ever for me at the Knapin due to how cold it usually is there during March.
The stars were out in full and I had the main fire to myself.
Canada Jim and I were the last ones up at the main fire until way late.
I slept in until lunch time, awakening to the sounds of camp and then dozing off
again in to dreams that blended in to the activities around me.
It was a much needed break from my normal activities.
The morning sun warmed my blankets while a couple of kids playing at the main fire wood pile
started talking to me as though I was awake.
So I obliged them with some conversation and decided to get up.
It was a beautiful sunny day.

I was without wall tent and wood stove for this knapin.
I set up my backpack dome tent for Tuesday night and it worked great.I stayed very warm.
Snow pelting my tent fly woke me up Wednesday morning, so I decided to wait on getting up.
I looked out later and it was all gone.
So I went back to sleep, only to be woken up again by snow hitting the tent fly.
When I woke again it was warm and time to sieze the day, or at least what was left of it.

It was amazing how much snow was still left from the drifts that piled up over the winter.
The east end of the berm at the cow pond was feet deep with snow.

Knapin08 Set2 Pics