Patjens Lakes Sept 2007 Set1 Pics

The trail head at West Big Lake Campground.

There is a fork in the trail a few hundred feet from this point.

The right fork will take you the long way and includes hundreds of feet of climbing
and then descent in to the lakes. A teaser bonus for the right fork route is views of
The North and Middle Sister through the trees.

The left fork will take you around the west side of Big Lake with really nice scenery
views to the east out over Big Lake. After about a mile, the trail makes an abrupt
turn heading south and a very gradual descent in to The Patjens Lakes.
Note that East Patjens is not visible from the trail.

A meadow near the trail on the "right fork".
The trail climbs OVER that ridge in the distance.

Patjens Lakes Sept 2007 Set2 Pics