Rickreall Hamfest 2006 Set 3 Pics

ARC5 carcass (hacked cap for 10m mod) for free.
This will have marginal use.
A free dial is cool though, and the hack could still
allow this to make a useable VFO.

10dB step attenuators for $10 each.
These are destined for some of my spectrum analyzers.
The 10 MHz 3kHz wide crysal filter for $5 had to happen.
This will also find a home in a spec an
or in a low side LO SSB rig for 75m.

A home brew power supply hacked from a commercial power supply
found on a free table at the end of the day.

A 30W 2m linear amp for $20.

A $7 bench meter with felt lined leather case.

Another $5 bench meter with felt lined leather case.

My pile of free cables and wire.
There were plenty of PL259 RG58 cables tangled in this.

A neat fiberglass gasketed box and 2m phasing cable from a free table.

I open the blue box when I get home, only to find this pair of VHF duplexers!
I know the guy who gave these to me knew they were in there. He has been trying to get rid
of them at this ham fest for years now with no takers.
Having all the 2m allocations in the Willamette Valley here in Oregon
occupied was certainly a show stopper for anyone being able to use these.

Here is a closer view of the VHF duplexers.

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