Rickreall Hamfest 2003 Pics

A 40m dipole with sealed balun for $10.

My first D104. Got this for $40. I have never seen them below $60.

A cast chassis box for $1.

A score on large Anderson connectors for 20 cents each.

The push button switches were in the bottom of a a "free box".
The plastic case has some UHF Johanson variable caps that I got for $1 each.

A freq meter for $15. This mechanism will make for a nice tuning dial for
one of my next receiver projects.

The serious score!
50uA meters for 25 cents each.
The spool of RG213 was $3. The SWR meter was $1. Center back is a power supply for $3 with meters. Can't tell from the pic what is in the bags.

Awesome air variables for $1 each.
I got the reduction drives with knobs for $8 each.
The big antique knobs were 50 cents each.

A closeup of the reduction drives.

The mother of all air variables. This is destined for a transmatch.

Pem nuts $1 per hundred. Cable ties for free.

Mics for $1 each. Knobs for 50 cents each.

A battery charger for $3.

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