Rickreall Hamfest October 2003 Pics

Not your average hippy van.

A view thru the drivers window.

Nice meter in case for $1.

Another nice meter in a case for $1. This is some sort of audio bridge.

Couple of power supplies for $1 each.

Nice bridge for $1.

Switched resistor bank and bridge for $4.

Meter for $1.

Part of a pile of boards for $5. These had some P channel HEXFETs along
with some 1A N channel HEXFETs. The N channels did not cooperate for RF power applications.

Bag of ribbon wire for $1. A real score!

Nice power supply chassis for a few dollars.

Nice gear driven air variable caps in this sig gen.
I gutted the core RF portion to put in to a smaller chassis.
The gearing on this unit is really smooth. Maybe 20:1 on the left crank.
This begs to become a receiver or VFO some day.

A pile of ARC5 chasis for $1 each. This stack made my day.

Some cheap meters.

A working pair of FRS hand helds for $15.

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