Rickreall Hamfest October 2008 Pics

This scope carcass was $2.
Sadly, the tubes were yanked before I got it.
But there will be a lot of nice parts and knobs for the $2.

I got these Micor carcasses for $1 each.
Mainly for the finals in order to build HF thru UHF amps

A surplus outfit was selling these used (in near new condition) atomic clocks
for $4 each with charger and wireless remote outside temp sensor.

This LM21 was $20. Well worth it for the drive mechanism.

These speakers were labled at $2 each.
When the seller saw I was interested, he said
"They are free if you take them all now".

A club had boxes of old Loran nav receiver boards.
These caught my eye in that they had the trhee crystals each.
Turned out each board had a 3.550 3.600 and 3.650 MHz crystal.
Truly awesoem find, along wih a bunch of silver mica caps, both boards for 50 cents.

This home brew VSWR meter was $2.

This is my pile of free stuff.

These chassis and boards were 25 cents each.

All these 80m crystals and silver micas for 50 cents.

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