Rabbit Stick 2015

Jim Riggs:

As many of you know, Jim is still recovering from some difficult

health problems. Since Jim does not "do" email or internet and

likely never will, the best way for us to lift his spirits is to send

an actual letter via snail mail to

Jim Riggs

P.O. Box 627

Wallowa, Oregon 97885

If you know Jim through the primitive skills subculture

Jim would likely benefit from knowing where you are in life and any

memories of times shared with him you might want to reminisce about.

Rabbit Stick 2015 Set1 Pics

Rabbit Stick 2015 Set2 Pics

Rabbit Stick 2015 Set3 Pics

Rabbit Stick 2015 Set4 Pics

Rabbit Stick 2015 Set5 Pics