Rabbit Stick 2000 Set1 Pics

Old friends meeting before commercials start on Sunday afternoon.

Some of Lynx's deer parts workshop.
Lynx teaches an awesome workshop on how to use everything from a deer for tools
and abo life support. Like a deer stomach canteen, half cannon leg bone knife handle,
cannon leg bone splinter for a bone needle, back strap sinew for knife blade and
arrow head hafting, cooked hide for hide glue, deer hide for buckskin and rawhide,
antler tips for pressure flaking obsidian into sharp cutting tools, astragalus rear
leg joint bone for bow drill socket, dew claws for rattles, lower leg hide sections
for making hock bags, esophogas for a knife sheath, rib cage bone for bow drill handle.
And the list goes on.

Instructors standing in line for to do "commercials".


Rabbit Stick Set2 Pics