Rabbit Stick 2000 Set2 Pics

Wayne showing his baskets.

Vince starting out a friction fire workshop.

Vince getting good smoke, a prerequisite for generating carbon dust.

Vince succesfully demostrating the "fire plow" method of friction fire.
Notice the pile of charcoal (carbon) dust at the tip of the plow point.
This detail is crucial to this method working.
This was presented as the successful technique for fire in the new movie Castaway.
They did get most of it right in the movie, yet to the trained eye (like mine), it
was obvious that they faked it. Tom Hank's probably got his smoke from friction, but
his strokes were too short and he did not generate any charcoal dust. Hence, no coal.
And the Castaway tinder bundle was way too coarse.

The smile of success. You can't see it in the picture: the carbon dust is smoldering
all on it's own in this shot.

Flame happened just after this shot. Vince put the fire out before I could catch the flame.

Cutting out a sotol fire board with a stone blade.

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