Rabbit Stick 1999 Cooking Pics

Drying out the mud/grass bricks for making the Orno oven.

Cooking fish next to an underground fire pit.
The hole on the left is for creating and controlling the draft for the fire.

David Holladay working at his stone age kitchen table.
This arrangement gets the food up off of the ground away from dirt and stray dogs.
Working at a table like this also means you don't need to be bending over all the time to deal
with food prep. It also facilitates smaller fires that are easier to control than large ones.

This is a better view of David's kitchen. Note the dirt supports for cooking containers.

Another view of the Orno under construction.
Lots of mini pizzas and tasty squash and corn came out this little oven.
Dave would spend all day cooking stuff for passers by.

Harvest maxing out on fresh corn on the cob from the Orno.
Yes--she is pregnant.
Yes--that is a tatoo around her belly button.

Loading busquits into the Orno.

Covering the oven door and chimney hole to keep the heat in.

The Orno after many firings.
This oven design has been certified by independent consultants to be Y2K compliant.