SEAPAC 2007 Set 2

Some great analog meters for cheap. The matched set of V/A and face plate were $5.
The rest were $1 each or less.

A box of 1/2 watt resistros for a few bucks.

Mixed and matched xtals for $1 a bag. One of the bags is 6.0013 MHz.
Another bag is 1 MHz and another bag is 65.15 MHz (probably 5th overtone).

A really nice new in the box meter for $1.

50w dummy loads good thru UHF for $2 each.

25pF ceramic air trimmers for 25 cents each.

An old military sig gen I got for $10. The plan is to extract the dial and cap for
a new receiver chassis.

More SEAPAC 2007 pics