In the center is the original Simple Superhet for 80/40 that is in
Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur. This is the actual one pictured
in the book. On top of it is my general purpose "does all" instrumentation
unit. I got tired of lots of small boxes and cables and wires, so I built
a return loss bridge and some broad band amps and power meter/detector all
in to one box with a nice big meter. On the end of the shelf is another home
brew tuner.

Another shot of my late night 75m SSB transceiver.

The bench in late may 2003.

A 1 watt 75m DSB/CW transceiver. The crystal is there for reference only.
This was built in the early 1990s.
This was a favorite rig for snow camping ski trips where weight and size mattered.

My version of the original W7ZOI Micro Mountaineer. This one is circa 1976.

A size reduced 75m SSB/CW transceiver. This runs a 10 MHz IF with 6-6.5 MHz low side
LO injection. RX is superhet with a diode ring and post mixer broad band amp. The final
is a single IRF510 Hexfet running about 5 watts out. This unit was intended for Field Day
use with the tuning on top so that it would be easy to operate while sitting in a tent.
This rig offered lots of after dark SSB contacts on ski trips in the 1990s when there were
still signals on 75m.

All of the boards are double sided copper clad. The floor has a solid sheet of copper
clad attatched to it. The vertical boards solder to the bottom plate of copper clad
for easy removal and installation with a soldering iron. This is a W7ZOI strategy that
works extremely well.

More WA7MLH pics