Rickreall Hamfest 2006 Set 2 Pics

A better view of the freq meter.

A late in the day working web cam for free.

A risk that did not appear to have paid off. A $15 DMM that does not work.

Near the end of the day, this was given to me at a free table. A working UHF duplexer!

A repeater controller/enclosure at a free table. I gutted this for the LMB chassis.

A 12v switcher at a free table.

A set of Moto data books for $2.

Big knobs for $1 each. A vernier for $4. A 10 turn counter for $1.

SO-239 chassis for $1. Code osc chassis for $1. This will make a nice wall cube regulated power supply.

ARC5 carcass for $2

Rickreall Hamfest 2006 Set3 Pics