Recent Update: 10 Dec 2015________Added 80m/40m SSB Schematics Set 4

Recent Update: 6 Dec 2015________Rabbit Stick Rendevous 2015

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Jim Riggs:

As many of you know, Jim is still recovering from some difficult

health problems. Since Jim does not "do" email or internet and

likely never will, the best way for us to lift his spirits is to send

an actual letter via snail mail to

Jim Riggs

P.O. Box 627

Wallowa, Oregon 97885

If you know Jim through the primitive skills subculture

Jim would likely benefit from knowing where you are in life and any

memories of times shared with him you might want to reminisce about.

Rabbit Stick 2015

Idaho USA

New Photos Posted: 6 Dec 2015

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Bridger Wilderness

August 2015


Photos Posted: 23 August 2015

Opal Creek Wilderness

June 2015


Photos Posted: 5 July 2015

Waldo & Elbow & Zircon & Sapphire & Chetlo Lakes

Waldo Lake Wilderness


Photos Posted: 22 June 2015

Donaca Lake

Middle Santiam Wilderness


Photos Posted: 8 Sept 2014

Jefferson Park

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness


Photos Posted: 3 Aug 2014

Video Posted 6Aug2014

Pyramid Lake

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness


Photos Posted: 19 Oct 2013

Video Posted: 5 Nov 2013

Bridger Wilderness 2010

Photo Captions Added 19 Nov 2010

Snow Camp 2010

Posted 28 Feb 2010

Golden Lake 2010

Three Sisters Wilderness

Oregon Cascades

Photos Posted: 5 Oct 2010

Video Posted: 7 Oct 2010

Silver King Lake 2010

Bull of the Woods Wilderness

Oregon Cascades

Photos Posted: 5 Oct 2010

Video Posted: 17 Oct 2010

July Lakes 2010

Photos Posted 13 July 2010

Video Posted 19 Nov 2010

Lula Lake

Jefferson Wilderness Oregon

Posted 19 October 2009

Wind River Range 2009

Wind River Range 2009 Second Trip

July Lakes 2009

Wind River Range August 2008

Mildred Lake August 2007

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Oregon

Gifford Lake August 2007

Olallie Lake Primitive Area Oregon

Triangulation Peak 2007

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Oregon

Triangulation Peak 22 Oct 2006 Hike

New Pics 29-OCT-2006

Pamelia Lake 2007

Jefferson Wilderness Oregon

New Pics 29-OCT-2006

Jefferson Wilderness Oregon

Craig Lake 1999

Lower Berley Lake 2002

Crown Lake 2005

Square Lake

Square Lake May 29 2005

Booth Lake 26 July 2005

1st Martin Lake July 2005

2nd Martin Lake 6 August 2005

Bear Point Oregon Cascades

Mt. Washington Wilderness

Patjens Lakes Sept 2007

posted 27 May 2009

Carl Lake 1995

Ollalie Lakes Roadless Area Oregon

Gifford Lake Pics

Little Gifford Lake Pic

Lower Lake Pics

Finley Lake Pic

Nekbobets Lake

Bull of the Woods Wilderness Oregon

Silver King Lake 1 Oct 2006

Silver King Lake 8 Oct 2006

Oregon Water Falls

Rabbit Stick 2012

Idaho USA

Photos Posted: 3 Oct 2012

Photos Posted: 4 Oct 2012

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Rabbit Stick 2011

Idaho USA

Photos Posted: 15 Nov 2011

Videos Posted: 14 Nov 2011

Echoes In Time 2010

Primitive Skills Gathering

July 19-23 2010 Near Salem Oregon

Buckeye 2011

California USA

Photos Posted: 10 May 2011

Videos Posted: 11 May 2011

Winter Count 2011

Arizona USA

Photos Posted: 1 MAR 2011

Video Posted: 1 MAR 2011

Buckeye 2010

Posted 10 May 2010

More Video Posted 18 May 2010

Wintercount 2010

Posted 25 Feb 2010

Rabbit Stick 2010

All Pics Posted: 25 Sept 2010

Rabbit Stick 2010 Videos

New Videos Posted 14 Nov 2010

Saskatoon 2010

Pics Posted: 5 Oct 2010

Full Video Posted: 14 Oct 2010

Rabbit Stick 2009

Rabbit Stick 1994 (new posts 21 May 2009)

Rabbit Stick Rendevous 2008

Pics Posted 24 Sept 2008

Oregon Knapin 2008

Posted 31 MARCH 2008

Rabbit Stick 2007

More Pics Posted 20 Sept 07

Videos Posted 29 Sept 07

Echoes In Time 2007

Posted 21 August 07

Echoes In Time 2004

Echoes In Time 2002

Rabbit Stick 2006 Pics

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Rabbit Stick 1998 Lost Archives

Rabbit Stick 1997 Pics

Rexburg, Idaho USA

Rabbit Stick Rendevous Contact Info

Rains End 2001 Pics

Rain's End 2000 Pics

The Lost Archives of

WinterCount 1999 Pics

Reposted 4 May 05

WinterCount 2000 Pics

Maricopa, AZ

No Knapin 2007 Pics (I missed it)

Knapin 2006 Pics

No Knapin 2005 Pics

Knapin 2004 Pics

KnapIn 2003 Pics

KnapIn 2002 Pics

KnapIn 2001 Pics

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Knapin 1998 Pics

Knapin Info

Glass Buttes, Oregon

Earth Circle '97 Pics

Earth Circle '98 Pics

Earth Circle '99 Pics

Grangeville, Idaho

Rivercane Rendevous 1998

Revised Pics Dec. 24 2001

Unicoi State Park, Georgia

Oregon Ice Storm 2008

Friction Fire at Oregon Country Fair

Webb Mtn Lookout 2008

A new experimental back pack stove

The second generation version of the back pack stove.

Installing a Sun Pipe

Making a simple composting toilet

Running white LEDs off a dead Makita drill battery.

Oregon Country Fair

Friction Fire 2007

Photos courtesy of George Filgate Eugene OR 541 342 4718





Updates: 11-Jan-03

Straw Bale Solar House Project

Updates: 7 Nov 2013 with summer 2009

green house project

Straw Bale Cabin

Stuccoing the Straw Bale Cabin

Panoramic View Out House

Dumpster Diving 1

Dumpster Diving 2

Neil's Dumpster Dived Cabin

Monday August 31 - Monday September 7, 1998

Where Mad Max, Intentional Community, Clothing Optional, Post Apocalypse,
Art of Every Known Kind, Pyrotechnics, Post Electric KoolAid Acid Test,
Temporary Autonamous Zone, Live Music, Multi Acre Hot Springs Pools,
Tens of Square Miles of Dry Lake Bed, Anything Flamable, Tchkung!, Massage,
Techno Anything and Everything, and Architechture,meet to burn a 40 foot
high effigy of "the guy she left me for" in the desolation of the Black
Rock Desert of northern Nevada.

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Burning Man '98 Pics


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